Don’t put your property at risk.  When it comes to security and protection, Pacific Alarm Group, INC. will be there to help you protect your family, your employees, and your property by quickly responding and reacting to your needs, and an individual attention and service that each of our customers deserves.  Pacific Alarm Group, INC, in partnership with Pacific Security Solutions and Pacific Fire Communications, is located in West Hills, California and primarily operates in the Fire Alarm Maintenance and Monitoring business/industry within the Business Service sector.    This organization has been operating for approximately a year.  Pacific Alarm Group, INC is estimated to generate $450,000 in annual revenues and employs approximately eight people at this single location.  We can help you avoid the rising cost of combating crimes, intruders, and accidents waiting to happen.  By utilizing our custom designed security systems, and innovating your facility with plans and equipment we provide, keep your business and employees safe and protected.  Our customized solution plans for fire alarms, security cameras, and access control systems will help you detect and protect your property and reduces the probability of any unpredictable incident.

Our team members all with proven record of tremendous expertise and a solid background in the industry offer the best technology, installation, monitoring and field services; will design, install, and maintain systems to help protect your commercial facilities for various fields including hospitality, healthcare, government, etc.  We custom design a security system structure plan for each individual customer by an initial walk through your facility, and also partnering with companies in the industry who employ cutting-edge technologies; expert in providing custom solutions and deliver exactly what your business need as a safety precaution to keep your property safe and risk-free.  With today’s ever-expanding means of communications, we incorporate this technology and take it into account when designing your fire control system.  Our panels which are designed for “Smart Notifications” functionality and the built-in email capabilities allow the event to be sent as they occur.  The easy to use system software can be quickly updated via a networked computer and you will be receiving the updates on your cell phone; so you always know what’s going on with your panels, whenever and wherever you are.

Fire Alarm Installation with Live Fire Alarm Monitoring as a precautionary measure is extremely wise for any property owner. Live Fire Alarm Monitoring is the equivalent of a 24-hour watchman protecting your property from fire hazards.  A Fire Alarm Installation is also mandatory for commercial properties and the guidelines are outlined the local fire code and we at Pacific Alarm Group, INC. will make sure that your property security system plan meets all government safety regulations and guidelines.

We also specialize in the sale of portable Fire extinguisher which is required for commercial buildings in the United States.

We at Pacific Alarm Group, INC. manage growing challenges of undergoing changes of the world that force us to think in new ways.  We constantly consider maximum efficiency in energy saving and most comfort for the well being of our users.  We are the trusted technology partner for energy-efficient, safe and secure buildings and infrastructure.

We also provide education and training opportunities on our full line of fire alarm systems. Webinars on panel hardware, software, and network/communications will bring you up to speed on our industry-leading technology.  additionally, live training seminars are provided for advanced training in the PFC series installation and programming.


  1. We offer top-value fire-monitoring, inspection and design services for large and small property owners and managers.
  2. Our specialized services include up-to-date code knowledge and consulting services, accurate assessments/evaluations, precise CAD design and customized management solutions. Please Call us or send us a message if you need more information on how our services can help your fire-monitoring, inspection, and design needs.
  3. We partner with leaders of industry such as: Advanced, Siemens, Potter, EST, Honeywell, System Sensor, DKS Doorking
  4. We also offer training opportunities on our fire alarm systems to bring you up to speed on industry leading technology.